Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Card Flick "Hi"

Here it is Friday again....FINALLY!!!

Click here to view this weeks "Friday Card Flick".

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to see everyones creations using this week's Inspiration Challenge.

UPDATE: Take a look at Kristina's top 10 *GRINS*


Laura Davis said...

I really like those little square shapes! Very modern looking!!! Cute card:) Sorry you are going to have to wait too, for my big news!!!;P
Hope you have a great weekend!

catdidit said...

Love it once again! Everything just goes so good together on that card! And you line stuff up so good, I think I see crooked or

Dawn said...

Another great card and flick! I did notice this morning that you were in her top 10 again, maybe you are getting your wish to be just like her!!! Have a great weekend :)

chloe said...

congrats again on top ten!! no suprises there!

Allison said...

Love this...those rounded (yet not) DP pieces are so "Partridge Family"...super job!

1 Crafty Gal said...

Ohhh, beautiful! I must c.a.s.e. this!!! Ohhh, gives me an idea of sorts for baby thank you's. Yeah, I know...11 weeks later. LOL!