Thursday, July 31, 2008

End of the month...

really...where did July go..anyone else feeling this?
Well I will be at the boys school today helping at the PTA table during registration. Can't believe it is that time already. So I better make this quick since I gotta run! Here is a fun card I made with my cricut cartridge called "Stretch Your Imagination". I have never used one of the card frames. so I thought I would try this one out. The sentiment and flower are rub-ons by Marcella K. When you rub these on they are almost embossed feeling. Very cool!
Thanks for looking today and don't forget to head on over to Paper Crafts to vote, my username is PASdreambig. You only have until noon MST to vote, so hurry!
Thanks and have a great day. Tomorrow is Friday Card Flick day..woo hoo. My video shows you a simplified version of how I made my 3 hour cupcake card, per request!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Already?!?

OK so its the middle of the week already, hello where is this week going. I pretty much have the rest of the week spoken for with school registration and birthday parties. I am not sure that I am ready. Can this week just slow down a little please! Seriously only two weeks and my kids are back in crazy is that! Where did the summer go? OH and in two more weeks exactly is the launch date for 3D Design Challenge!! Now that I can't wait for!! We are going to have all kinds of fun!
Well I do have a card to share today, this is the card I made with Laura's sketch from 2S4Y. I love it when left over pieces come together! Can anyone tell me what the name of this lace paper is and who makes it?? I can't for the life of me remember and of course it is all cut up and I am sure the name is on the back of one of the glued on pieces of another project. Lovely!
Just a reminder that you have until tomorrow noon MST to cast your vote for the Gallery Idol contest. My fingers and toes and other body parts (that is for you Karie!) have been crossed all week...hope I make it with this card. Thanks again for your support. I luv you guys! OH and speaking of luv...I was awarded by 1 Crafty Gal this cute little award. You are too sweet girl, thanks!
Have a great day!

Monday, July 28, 2008

NEW site for PC Gallery Idol Round 3 and Something New and Exciting!!

Happy Monday! Well first of all it is time to vote again. Gee this will all be over with in just two more weeks, well that is if I am lucky enough to make it to the top 5. This is my card for Gallery Idol Top 10 round 3 "Attributed Quotes". I chose a quote from John Lennon, when I read it the vision of this card popped right into my head. I love when that happens! In case you can't read it the quote says "Love is the flower you've got to let grow". Of course it took me a lot of messing around tearing apart and replacing pieces to get the card to look the way I wanted. The hardest part...finding a flower that wasn't too big, wasn't too small and just right color. Hopefully I did alright.
Paper Crafts has changed the gallery to be on the front page of their NEW home page, which is awesome and will make the whole voting process so much easier. You can look at everyone all at once and then just click the link to vote! Awesome!!! Again to vote you do not need to sign in or sign up for anything, this only takes like 2 minutes of your time and I really really really appreciate it!! I am so excited to be in the Top 10, you should see who I am up against...I am really nervous!! Thanks for your help!

Click here to check out the gallery and cast your vote!

Now for my new and exciting: My bestest Canadian friend Carrie ( Artistic Avenger) and I have a new kind of challenge for you! I CAN'T wait...on August 13th we are starting a new challenge blog called 3D Design Challenge here are the deets:
  • Week 1 - Wednesday: 3D Design Challenge posted with great samples as well as a downloadable template. You are encouraged to participate and link back to your photos of your projects.
  • Week 2 - Wednesday: 3D Design Challenge participants will be linked from 3D Design Challenge and we will spotlight someone's great project.
  • Week 3 - Wednesday: 3D Spotlight Challenge posted. A Spotlight Challenge happens when a company or person gives us a heads up on a great project to be spotlighted on our blog. We will link to that person/company's website, give them props and encourage you all to participate in making your own variation of their project.
  • Week 4 - Wednesday: 3D Spotlight Challenge participants will be linked from 3D Design Challenge and again, we will spotlight someone's interpretation of the challenge.
So now what? Can't wait for us to get started? Here is what you can do to help:

  • Send us your challenge ideas with links to your blog or online gallery.
  • If you are a company who would like to be spotlighted - please contact Carrie or myself and we will be happy to accept your kind donations in return for amazing advertising and promotion via 3D Design Challenge.
This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!! Yippee!! Go check out Carrie's blog to see some of the links she has posted with cool 3D projects she has made.
Since Carrie and I are starting 3D Design Challenge blog I am very sad to say that I will not be able to be a part of the 2 Sketches 4 You design team. Kazan and Laura thought that in the best interest of both sites that I bow out. I will continue to see all of you over there for their fabulous weekly challenges, but as a participant.

Thanks again for your comments and support!! You guys ROCK!
Big hugs!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

2 Caardvarks 4 You! & A Toot!

Two of my favorite challenge blogs have joined up. The challenge over at Caardvarks right now is to make two cards using sketches provided by Laura and Kazan from 2 Sketches 4 You. How awesome is that! Not only do you get two sketches to play with, Caardvarks is also choosing one person to be their guest designer for their August 20th challenge. Woo Hoo! Sounds like fun to me, so here are my two cards. The first is from Laura's sketch and the second is from Kazan's sketch. I used some scraps of paper and ribbon on the first card along with the rub-on sentiment & Soft Sky card stock from SU. the flowers and eyelet are from Eye-Lets Etc. On my second card I used Whisper White, Pretty In Pink, Only Orange & Pink Passion SU card stock and hodge podge hardware. The images are all from the Fancy Pants stamp set "Bella Brush". I bought that set over at my favorite LSS, Scrapbook Destination,love that set! The bottle cap in the lower left hand corner embellished with the Bella Brush stamped image I also received from ELE ( they sell them at trade shows). The body of the butterfly is just a piece of wire I twisted and attached with glue dots.
Now for the toot... I have made the Fall design team of 2 Sketches 4 You. Go check out their blog and see who else made the team. Everyone of these ladies are extremely talented artists from all parts of the world and I am SO honored to be in the same group with them. WOW! I am sure from previous posts you know how much I adore Laura and Kazan, so you know how much this means to me.
Please don't anyone push me off of cloud 9, what an amazing month I have had. I feel so very blessed. None of it would mean so much if it wasn't for all of YOUR support, well wishes and comments. Thanks so much!! Tomorrow I will have my Paper Crafts Gallery Idol Round 3 card displayed after 12 noon MST when the voting begins once again. See ya later!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Card Flick "One Layer Card"

UPDATE: I made it to the top 10, thanks again for all of your support. Look for my Round 3 card on Monday!! :)
This week's FCF is a simple card and a single layer. Nothing fancy, but I think it still has some depth and texture. Hope you enjoy!
Today is the day I found out if I made it to Round 3 of Gallery Idol. I will keep you posted.
See you tomorrow!

*Shout out to my Canadian partner in crime Carrie the Artistic Avenger. Carrie made Stampin' UP! Featured Artist Of The Week. Way to go Carrie!! The two of us have something BIG coming your way soon!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The 3 hour cupcake

Here is the 3rd card I made for round two (if you haven't voted you have until noon MST today). This card is ginormous, like 7"x8" something like that. The *flowers have *eyelets in the center and then I placed mini pearls in the middle of the eyelets. This is the card Al thought I should have turned in for the contest, but didn't tell me until I had already turned in my green card. I told him he isn't allowed to keep this kind of info from me anymore. LOL! Keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you thank you so much everyone who has voted for me!! I really really do appreciate the support. I am sure you are getting tired of me talking about this, but it really does mean so much to me. Thanks!!
So, here are a couple of pictures from the our zoo trip yesterday. It was SO HOT yesterday morning, which made our visit short. Most of the animals were hiding in the shade, so you couldn't see a lot of them. The ones that were out in the open were either in the water or from Africa. It wasn't quite Africa HOT, but hot enough for us. Aly got a blister on her ankle from her new shoes, so my Mom, my Aunt and I all took turns carrying her that last half of the "tour". When we were leaving I noticed that they have these really cool statues out in front of the entrance. I am not sure what kind of metal they are made of, but I had to get some pictures of them. The first is of me and my kiddos and the second is Aly with the "Ali"gator.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

THE 6 hour card

OK so I am not absolutely positive that this card took me 6 hours to make, but with all of the steps it must of. I know it took me a good half hour to just to get the shape cut the way I wanted. Then I went through two cards just stamping patterns to see what I liked best which was another hour and a half. Since I used Chocolate Chip Craft ink I had to emboss each stamped image individually so that I wouldn't smear it when I used my stamp-a-ma-jig to line each little stamp up. I also took the time to measure and mark the centers of everything, which I never do. After I stamped half of the images I took a break, (my neck was killing me from looking down) I colored some Crystal Effects with Creamy Caramel re-inker and covered the white pearls and all of the flowers in hopes of making them look like candy. This took a good couple of hours to dry. I then finished stamping and embossing and decided to add what was left of the CE "glaze" to the card itself to make it appear as though glaze was dripping from each layer. Had to wait for that to dry. When all was dry I punched holes in the flowers and added rivets then a dimensional to the back of each and attached to the card. I had to put them on and take them off several times to get them spaced enough since I had only made so many. Finally added each pearl, made a candle and wrapped a ribbon around it. Why would I take so much time on a card, well I was planning on this being my entry for PC Gallery Idol "monochromatic" round 2, but after it was all done thought it was too much. One of those ideas I had in my head but didn't quite turn out how I had envisioned it. OH well! I actually made three cards for the round 2 and in the end decided to go with the green card. Of course after I turned my green card in I started second guessing myself...well its done and we will see if it was good enough for me to make it to round 3, fingers crossed.
Maybe tomorrow I will show you my 3rd card, the 3 hour cupcake..tee hee!!

Off to the zoo..

I will post my 6 hour card sometime this afternoon. YES, I said 6 hour card.

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Monochromanic" Round 2 Vote Now!

Who knew that using only one color would be so difficult. I struggled all weekend long making three cards for the Paper Crafts "Gallery Idol" contest. I will show you the other two cards I made tomorrow, but this is the one I decided to turn in for the contest. Of course now I am in panic mode that I turned in the wrong card and should have gone for one of the others. The problem with making too many cards.
One of my favorite colors as of right now is apple or citrus green. Unfortunately this
picture doesn't really show how green the flowers and bottom portion of the card really is. Everything down to the rhinestones are green here, so it is truly monochromatic. Didn't want to take a chance by adding any white and breaking the rules..LOL.
So here is how you vote: Click the on the thumbnail of the card you wish to vote for. When it brings the card up on a page of its own scroll to the bottom and under the description it says "
To vote for your favorite, click here! " That is where you vote, it will then take you to Survey Monkey with a list of everyones usernames, mine is PASdreambig. Just a note, the "love it" button does not cast your vote it just shows me love :) You have until this Thursday at noon MST to vote, so hurry and do it now!!
Thanks again for all of your support. It means the world to me! BIG hugs!!

Here is my card PASdreambig to vote for me.

Here is the Top 15 gallery

Sunday, July 20, 2008

This bag is awesome!!

Just wanted to share something exciting that happened to me a few weeks back. I received an email from Paula Kreigar the President of Daily Window Bags asking me if I would be a part of their online gallery. WOW what an honor! Daily Window Bags carries a line of handbags and handcrafted cards. Here are samples of my bag and cards that I made for the gallery. I LOVE my bag! The quality is amazing first of all and second it is lined in a nice apple green which is one of my favorite colors...bonus! In the front of all of their bags they have a large clear window pocket that you can put pictures in or any artwork of your choice. How cool is that! Another idea for you Stampin' UP! demonstrators or anyone who uses a small catalog for a mini catalog in this pocket to show off everywhere you go. For the gallery I decided to make a card for each season of the year, to the left is my "Spring" card. I have a link to Daily Window Bags blinkie on my side bar, so please use that as your link whenever you want to go there. I think I need one of the "Eight Days A Week" bags now. The lunch boxes & back packs would be really cool for my kids this school year. Here are the other 3 cards I made and displayed in my bag "The Very Neccesary Mini". Sorry about the quality of the pictures, it was hard not to get a glare on the window.
Thanks for looking!!
See you tomorrow with Paper Crafts "Gallery Idol" voting details..yippee!!




Saturday, July 19, 2008

CPS Sketch 73

WOW what a day I had yesterday, and OH my goodness thanks to all of you for your fabulous comments and emails. You sure know how to make a girl blush, tee hee! I got the acceptance email for the Top 15 PC Gallery Idol and your comments and emails poured in. I could hardly keep up with you all yesterday. Then I found out that my Owl card made "Card Of The Week" as well as having a "Shout Out" for my FCF over at Susanna Boyd's blog "Card Of The Week .com". If you haven't stopped by her site before you really must. She picks out some of the coolest work that people are creating and puts it all in one place. AWESOME! So all of this in one day...yikes, gee no pressure to make a Round 2 card HA HA! I think I need to name my Owl card...what do you think "Al the Owl" ha ha! I am sure my DH would love that I named my card after him don't you. LOL! Congrats to the ladies who made the Top 15 list. To the five ladies who didn't make it onto the next round, please know that you did a fabulous job on your cards and that I am so honored to have met you and see your work. You are all extremely talented and amazing women!!
Alrighty, before I get teary eyed, onto the CPS sketch card. I am not really sure how this card happened, it just happened. The pattern paper is actually tissue paper for gift bags. I crumpled it up and glued it down to a piece of white card stock then cut to the size I needed, 4"x 4". I made the little curve out of Very Vanilla then decided to add to strips of black to kind of hi- light it. Threw on some black and white buttons that my Mom just got me (thanks Mom!!) and tadaa! It is definitely different, not that I don't like it, but it is different.
Well I have a super busy weekend ahead of me. My little brother is in town for a few days and I can't wait to see him. My Aunt is also coming into town later today. She is my Mom's twin sister and we always have a blast when she comes out, can't wait.
Have a wonderful Saturday and thanks again for all the love!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I made it!

Just an update: I made it to Round 2 of PC Gallery Idol!! I am in the Top 15! Thank you thank you to everyone who voting!! Off to do the next challenge...eeeek!

FCF "Shake Your Cupcake"

Yeah a Friday Card Flick...finally!! This one is a shaker card made with a kit I bought from Creative Cuts and More. This kit is totally awesome!! No more cutting little pieces of foam tape around in a square or circle. Terry the owner of Creative Cuts and More has created a kit that not only is the foam tape die cut for you , but the sticky strip tape is as well. The easiest shaker card I have ever made!!! The one and only problem I had is the dumb sprinkles I used. You really need the small round beaded kind of candy sprinkles not the long squishy ones like I show in the video. I shook my card a couple of times and the sprinkles went to mush...not good! So I had to do some surgery to get them out, not happy.
Anyway, hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Super Cute Challenge!

I noticed Kristina had her color challenge up today, so I had to run and make something for it quick. Tomorrow is my Friday Card Flick and that leaves Saturday for the CPS challenge card I made. Who knows what Sunday will bring. If I am so lucky to make it to the 2nd round of PC's Gallery Idol contest then I am sure I will be locked away this weekend making something. Fingers crossed!!
For this challenge Kristina used a photo from and it is so sweet! I love these colors together and will have to play with them some more. I used to love watching Martha back when she was on Lifetime Television
(maybe she still is???) in the early 90's. Her show Martha Stewart Living, (before the magazine) was really where I got a taste for hand made items. Do you remember that show, back in the day...gee I am making myself feel old. Eeek, don't do that! Anyway have a great day.
Thanks for stopping by!

My Recipe: (everything is from Stampin' UP! unless noted)

Word on Word stamp set (retired)
Very Vanilla Card Stock
Soft Sky Card Stock & ink
Certainly Celery ink
Pumpkin Pie ink
*Sakura Souffle Pen
*Michaels Brand Pearls
*Fiskars small scalloped scissors
*ribbon-unknown manufacturer
size 4 1/4"x 41/4"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2S4Y #4

Here is my take on Laura's sketch #4 over at 2 Sketches 4 You. We always need birthday cards, so I figured I would go for a playful neutral one today. I love this set which is of course retired by Stampin' UP! and actually this is the first time I think I have used it. Maybe I don't "love" it that much if I have had it for a year and this is the first time it has seen ink. Oh least it is "liked" a lot and maybe I will be using it more often now that it is dirty. LOL!
It is starting to get warm here already this morning, so I better run and start getting some cleaning done. To tell you the truth I typically start with the best intentions of cleaning, get a few things done, then end up in my studio playing. Yes, my name is Pam and I seriously have an addiction to paper... sad, but oh so true. :)
Have a wonderful day, see ya tomorrow! Oh and don't forget to vote, you have until noon tomorrow (MST) THANKS!

P.S. check out Dawn's card she made for Inspiration challenge 5. Thanks for playing along!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Inspiration Challenge #5 the card

Here ya inspiration challenge piece. I actually made two cards, but I like this one best out of the two. Maybe I will post the second one tomorrow?? I felt like playing with watercolor paper this morning, so I grabbed a piece and went to town stamping the images then spritzing the paper with a light mist of water. Makes the images must softer and well...water colored looking. LOL! Don't forget to check out what Carrie made for the challenge. I am heading over there right now, she always has the coolest ideas! If you played along don't forget to leave a comment with your link here so that I can showcase all of your work for everyone to see.
Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my Owl card. This is one of the rare times that I had the idea in my head and actually got it out on paper. I won't even tell you how long that card took me (like all weekend). I should have taken a picture with each step, because he looks completely different from when I started. Now of course Friday won't come fast enough for me when they announce who made it to the next round...eeek!
Have a wonderful day and thanks again.
Big hugs!

My Recipe:
SU card stock: Basic Black, Water Color paper, Orchid Opulence, Certainly Celery
SU stamp sests: Baroque Motifs, Oh So Lovely (retired)
SU Rub On (retired SAB)
SU Black Organdy ribbon (retired)
SU piercing tool and mat pack
water bottle

Monday, July 14, 2008

Gallery Idol Voting For Round One "Scallops" Hurry VOTE NOW!

I am so excited, because today is the start of voting for Paper Crafts Magazine's Gallery Idol round one "Scallops" challenge. Here is my card and boy did I use scallops!
To vote and I hope you will vote for me tee hee,
you DO NOT have to login or register to vote.

1. Click on one of the links at the bottom of this post.
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where the card is and under the DESCRIPTION there is a "click here to vote for your favorite" link.

note: Clicking on the "love it" button does not cast a vote, just shows me love. LOL

If you have any problems, please let me know. You have until this Thursday, July 17th at noon (MST) to vote for this round. The Top 15 will be announced on Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Here is "My Card" vote for me

Here is the Top 20 "Scallops Gallery"

My recipe: The actual Owl is my own creation. I drew out a pattern and decorated.

Stampin' UP! Soft Sky, Bashful Blue, So Saffron, Wild Wasabi, Ruby Red, Groovy Guava, Chocolate Chip & Close to Cocoa card stock
Marcella K pattern paper (for the center of the eyes)
Fancy Pants "Chic Alpha" flourish stamp
Versamark ink pad and marker
Sakura white Souffle pen
American Crafts rhinestones
Michaels brand pearls
Stampin' UP! scallop punch, 1" circle punch & 3/4" circle punch
Fiskars large scalloped scissors
Provo Craft Cricut "Stretch your imagination" (for the flower)
Gina K "Thinking of You" stamp set by Rupa Shevde
Making Memories chipboard "bracket"

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Inspiration Challenge #5

Here we go it is the 12th again, so that means Inspiration Challenge time. This month it is my turn to pick out the inspiration picture, so I chose a photo that I took myself. Join Carrie, the Artistic Avenger, and myself on the challenge. We will post our creations on the 15th. Some blog candy will be given to one lucky winner by random drawing and will be announced on July 16th.
Gee speaking of candy, I forgot to announce the winner of my FCF game yesterday. Here is the winner from the hat and what she said:
Tricia6653 said...I saw stitches added, rounded corners, little dots added paper piercing maybe, extra stars inside the stars, glitter to the swirly designs, extra red to edges. I loved the card
Only a few of you caught the Stickles on my Fancy Pants swirls...tricky huh! Thanks to everyone who played along!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sorry no FCF

Sorry Friends, no Friday card flick this week. I need to have Al teach me how to edit my own videos so that I can make sure they are done on time. He has been busy with work and didn't have time this week.
I am off to start playing with "Scallops" that is the new theme for the Gallery Idol contest. I will have Carrie's and my Inspiration Challenge photo up tomorrow, so come on back and play along with us!!
Have a great Friday!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gallery Idol Update

UPDATE: Hello Again!
Well, here I go again… Paper Crafts Magazine has changed up the contest. Since there were so many glitches with the next website they are going to have all of the Top 20 redo round one. This means I will be creating a new card with a new theme as of tomorrow evening. This time voting will start on Monday, July14th at noon (MST) and will be open until Thursday, July 17th at noon (MST). On Friday, July 18th they will announce the Top 15 who will move to round 2. So, what is different, well you must login or register to vote on the website. I will send out the link when I get it on Monday, so watch for that. They are not going to tell you who made each card, so that it won’t be a popularity contest. There will be a voting button, not just a “love it” button. Only one vote per person, like originally planned. Lastly no one will be able to see how many votes are cast on anyone person. Whew! SO… here I go again! Thank you so much for being patient. I know this has been a pain, but I really do appreciate your support it means the world to me.

A cupcake box

Hello everyone! This cupcake box is a diecut that I bought from Creative Cuts and More. I was able to choose what colors of card stock to use for all of the pieces there are actually 4 pieces to the set. There is a lid, plastic window, cupcake box and an insert to hold a cupcake inside of the box so that it doesn't move around....sweet! I used a Fancy Pants flourish stamp from the set Chic Alpha and a little lady bug from "Hand Stamped" by Stampendous. I have no idea where I got this piece of ribbon from, it was laying around and it kinda matched so I used it. I cut 2" strips of the ribbon and made a loop out of each one then attached them all with a large brad. I am in love with these boxes!! Now when I have a party and I usually make cupcakes now because they are easier, I can send one home with everyone in a cute little box...sweet!
OK so Gallery Idol voting update... as many of you have experienced the CK website is new and has some glitches. Paper Crafts is in the process of trying to figure out whether to start the voting over again for this round or move all of us to round two and instead of cutting just 5 they would cut 10 of us to keep on schedule. As soon as I hear anything I will let you know. Either way they are suppose to make it so you can't see the actual votes, which will be nice. I don't need to see if I am winning or losing. soon as I know..I will let you know. Thanks again for your support!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Voting has don't walk and tell everyone!!

Voting has begun for round one click the "love it" button on the card and that casts your vote. You must be registered at CK scrapbooking, but it only takes a minute to do so. Here is the link:

VOTE PASdreambig

Thanks Karie for putting a link up for me as well. You are too sweet!! Thanks to all of you for the unbelievable support. Hugs to you all!! Best wishes to all of the ladies who are in the TOP 20. You are all amazing!!

Voting...will it actually happen and CPS sketch 72

Well what do you think, will the PC Gallery Idol contest actually be ready for voting?? Gosh I hope so, I am about to go nuts waiting. I totally understand though, I am sure some DBA out there is working countless hours trying to make sure that Paper Crafts new website is in working order. I remember many days and nights when Al had to work countless hours to get a customer up and running. Computers can be such a pain. Anyhow, my fingers and toes are crossed that all will go well today and "PASdreambig" will get to put in her vote...oh wait that is me! Well at least I KNOW which card I will be voting for....I can vote for myself right LOL! ( I warned you that I am a dork)

On to the card. I made this one for CPS' sketch 72. 72 is a good number, the year I was born...tee hee! I decided to go monocramatic and stick with just cream and black. The "Wildflower stamp" is from See's D's, the flourish stamp is Fancy Pants, the flowers and eyelets are from ELE and last the card stock is from Stampin' UP! What do you the black flowers work???

Don't forget to check out ~Let's Blog there is a $50 prize is up for grabs through the end of hurry and make something using eyelets!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So Very Sweet

I had to get my mind off of this Gallery Idol contest for a minute so I grabbed Kazan's sketch from 2 Sketches 4 You and Caardvarks "On The Farm" challenge. I am not completely satisfied with this card, but it took me two hours to make it, I didn't have anything to post today, so I figured why not. This card just kept getting bigger and bigger. I love the animals from "Very Punny" a retired SAB SU (sell-a-bration Stampin' UP!) set, but I think they are just too big for this, or maybe one two many on this card...I am not sure. I guess it would be fun for a little kid, since there is a lot to look at. I use triangle and big flat O eyelets from ELE, the gingham brads are from the Target dollar spot. The stars I punched out with my small SU star punch. The sentiment is also a retired SAB SU set, which I had to cut out as it was new in the box. Can you believe this set is two years old and it has never been inked, what was I thinking....obviously I wasn't!
SO...the Gallery Idol voting is suppose to start today at noon MST and run through Friday until noon MST. UPDATE: Voting will not start until tomorrow now (Wednesday). They are going to tally the votes quickly on Friday and announce the 15 that move on and give them the new challenge. I am so excited I could just pee myself! As soon as the voting page is up I will have the link here. My DH is in the computer field and one too many times has he been through the process that should only take a couple of hours which of course turns into a couple of days. Patience is a virtue right!
Thanks again for your sweet comments and words of encouragement! They are so helping me right now!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Feeling Patriotic!

Thank you so much EVERYONE for all your support and encouragement this week. I am waiting to hear back from Paper Crafts as to how the voting process will work for round one of the Gallery Idol contest. They have started a website conversion this morning, therefore I have not seen the new "Patriotic" gallery as of yet. As soon as I hear something and have a link I will post the info here. So please check back often.
Until I have heard something...which of course I am just dying, I will post this card. I made this a while back playing with my Scor-Pal. I scored every inch then flipped over the card stock and scored in between the already scored lines. Then I swiped my red ink pad across the whole card and this is how the back ground turned out. Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

FCF "4th of July Gift Card Holder"

Here it is....sorry it is so late. I had to wait for my DH to finish editing it for me and it took him a longer then I had hoped. Then You Tube wasn't available. Not sure what that was about. Argh!! This FCF has a little trick to it, so watch the video and come back here to leave your comment and a chance to win a treat. For info on the tutorial and other stuffs about this type of pop up gift card holder click here.

For all of my fellow Americans I hope you had a great 4th of July holiday. I probably won't post again until Monday. I will then post the link to Paper Crafts Gallery Idol "round one". I have made a couple of cards and now the hard part, trying to decide. Wish I could have you all help me, but it has to be a secret...bummer! Again my username is "PASdreambig" over there at Paper Crafts.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

FCF coming soon

Stay will be here sometime today....sorry for the delay!
Happy 4th of July USA!!

UPDATE 10:30 PM: No seriously it is coming, it will be tomorrow though. I am now waiting on You Tube. Seems to be down or something. Thanks for being patient!

Thursday Already YIKES!

My week is flying by too fast . So this will be a quick post today. I made this card for Paper Crafts "key" submission last month. The little keys are eyelets from Eye-Lets Etc. that I hammered out flat so they were just little keys and tied them onto some different cords. The house is Maya Road covered in Scissor Sisters paper also from ELE. Maybe the ribbon is too over powering on this card...not sure yet. Anywhoo that is it for today. See you tomorrow and thanks for stopping by! OH WAIT...go check out ~Lets Blog to find out who made the design team....congrats girls!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


WOW, what a week! I am exhausted from all of the excitement! I found out yesterday that one of my cards is being published in Paper Crafts Magazine! Whoo hoo my very first card to be published! I feel like I am in a dream right now, let me tell you. The greatest part about the Gallery Idol and being published is that I have a huge support system....all of you! Al, my parents and friends are wonderful don't get me wrong I need them more then you can know, but I do know they don't quite understand how much all of this means like you do. SO a big hug out to all of you for the personal emails and wonderful comments here. I love you all!! Thank you!
OK on to the card, just some Scenic Route PP, black, white card stock, certainly celery & basic black ink all from SU, a large brad from MM and ribbon from Target's dollar spot. OH and of course my Sakura Souffle pens for some faux stiching and dots. The BFF sentiment is a cute stamp from See's D's.
Alrighty gotta run, a million things to do.
Big hugs!!
Pam aka PASdreambig ;)