Sunday, June 8, 2008

RAK's needed

I was emailed by a couple of girls, Kate & Rachel who are friends of Matt Logelin asking if I could send him a Father's Day card. You may wonder what is so special about Matt...well 10 weeks ago Liz (his wife) gave birth to their first child, Madeline after being on bed rest in the hospital for 5 weeks. Within 27 hours of having Madeline, Liz passed away from a pulmanary embolism. Matt shares daily how he is dealing or not dealing with life without Liz and caring for this precious little baby girl of his. This blog is heart wrenching and tear jerking at times, but boy does it ever make you realize how precious life is and definitely too short. Matt takes the most beautiful photographs of not only Madeline, but of places he goes and the people he meets during the day.

So, what am I asking of you. If you have time please check out this site there you can get Rachels' email info and she will give you an address to send a Father's Day card to. She is collecting as many as she can to give to Matt in person when he is visiting his family in MN for the holiday. I asked her if it would be alright to share this info on my blog as I know many of you would like to help. We all love to give and receive RAKs and this is one I know I can't pass up. There isn't a lot of time as Father's Day is only a week away, sorry. Just let Rachel know that you want to send a card for Matt when you email her and that I sent you. I know Rachel and her friend Kate who are doing all of this are so appreciative for the support.

This is the card I made for Matt. Seems as though he likes robots as he is always posting gifts that he has received that have something to do with Robots. I had to go to my LSS today anyway to make sure I was set up for my bloggers party and knew they carried this cute paper by Cosmo Cricket. I used some triangle eyelets from ELE and a Fathers day rub on by MSE to finish is up. I hope Matt likes it and I hope it helps make his day a little brighter.
UPDATE: here is a link from Matt's blog that explains the Robot again here and here. Really a cute story, now I know what is up with his love of Robots!

A shout out to Chloe for introducing Matt's blog to me. Thanks!!


Dawn said...

That is a really great card, so fun! Love all the colors and the robots are great! Did you see the recent post of his with the wooden people that someone sent? I cried and cried some more, life is too short and we must enjoy every day!!! Hugs, Dawn

1 Crafty Gal said...

You are such a sweetie Pam! I'm so in on this!! search for the perfect Robot...LOL!

Matt's blog puts in all into perspective.

chloe said...

What a beautiful thing to do Pam, I'm, sure he will really love this card he does seem to love Robots :) I would love to participate: is fathers day in June in America!? (Ours is September) but I dont think I will get it there in time.
You really just want to do anything you can to help Matt and Madeline they are just so special. I'm so glad their blog touched your heart as it did mine.

SmilynStef said...

What a perfect card for him ... fabulous ... I sent her an e-mail, so I can get one out in the mail tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

Kim Gasper said...

I just spent two hours reading Matt's blog and crying. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. They'll love the card.

The Wuthrich Family said...

cute card...and what a sweet thing for you to do...I will check out the site as well...thanks for passing on the info :)

Donna said...

what a great card; I'm sure it will be appreciated, what a sad story.