Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I did and what I should have been doing...

Well I did work on some orders yesterday, then I got side tracked.... I can't help it, when an idea pops into my head sometimes I just have to run with it. This is where my mind ran off to....a slimy green toxic sludge shaped invitation.
I posted earlier that my son Tyler wanted to have a toxic waste themed party this year.  I am so excited that I was able to create the shape of the invite in Illustrator, a program that is completely new to me. The size of this invite is  5"x7", so it will fit perfect into an A7 envelope. OH and I did get the 13 year old stamp of approval, so that means these puppies will be going out in the mail in a few weeks! Now to make the rest of the decorations to match!
I am thinking these invites would be great for a "Mad Scientist" themed party as well. Do you think if it was cut out of blue cardstock it would look like water dripping??? What else could this shaped invite work for??? Hmmmm....Chocolate??? I know I know...always with the chocolate. LOL

Thanks for stopping in.


beth said...

Hi Pam

Thanks for stopping by my website. I see that my 'I am an artist' button seems to be broken. If you want the image, drop me an email to bethvnicholls at googlemail dot com and I'll send it to you


julietk said...

Great Creation :-)

rgcelt said...

This is great! How about a paint party?

catdidit said...

Hahaha! Love it Pam! Too awesome! how cool will his party be!!??! Oh yes, I see the chocolate, lol!