Thursday, May 6, 2010

oh little lilly how i love you

I love Lilly of the Valley, they smell so nice and they are so sweet and dainty. This card is from Martha Stewart and if you check out her link HERE there is a template to create this card. I may just have to try this one out myself as my MIL's birthday is this weekend, actually on Mother's Day. I know she likes Lilly of the Valley, because her front porch is covered in them.

Update on my daughter, she has a sinus infection, poor little thing. She is being a real trouper, unlike her older brothers who just have seasonal allergies and are making more of of a fuss then Aly is. What can I say...typical men in training...ROTFL!

So I hope this flower cut out will inspire you to make something beautiful. If you create something come back and leave me the link I would love to see it.
Now off to play catch up...I have 60 hershey bar wrappers to make today for Teacher Appreciation lunch tomorrow...eeek!


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Elizabeth said...

Oh, I love this site - such beautiful things to look at! I really like this Lilly of the Valley :) very pretty.