Friday, May 21, 2010

Duff you have done it again!

Sorry for my lack of posting here...gosh its been a crazy busy week.
So I am going through my emails this morning and come across the Michaels coupon/ad. So I am looking through it and HELLO...Duff Goldman has his own line of cake supplies....I KNOW! Even though I only make cakes or cupcakes (shhh, don't tell Duff) for birthdays, I thought to myself...what could I use on my paper cakes??? Check these wires out...I WANT!!! I have attempted to curl my own wire to use on cakes and obviously since I have no cakes with such wires you can tell how well I succeeded! So once again, Duff has inspired me and I have a bunch of fun and funky Paper Cake ideas floating around in my head!!

Since we are talking about cakes, here is the latest that is leaving today to its new home. Bye bye little Alice and speaking of bye bye...I gotta fly! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blah blah blah!


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Jennifer said...

I *LOVE* that paper Alice cake!!! She is soooo cute!