Monday, July 28, 2008

NEW site for PC Gallery Idol Round 3 and Something New and Exciting!!

Happy Monday! Well first of all it is time to vote again. Gee this will all be over with in just two more weeks, well that is if I am lucky enough to make it to the top 5. This is my card for Gallery Idol Top 10 round 3 "Attributed Quotes". I chose a quote from John Lennon, when I read it the vision of this card popped right into my head. I love when that happens! In case you can't read it the quote says "Love is the flower you've got to let grow". Of course it took me a lot of messing around tearing apart and replacing pieces to get the card to look the way I wanted. The hardest part...finding a flower that wasn't too big, wasn't too small and just right color. Hopefully I did alright.
Paper Crafts has changed the gallery to be on the front page of their NEW home page, which is awesome and will make the whole voting process so much easier. You can look at everyone all at once and then just click the link to vote! Awesome!!! Again to vote you do not need to sign in or sign up for anything, this only takes like 2 minutes of your time and I really really really appreciate it!! I am so excited to be in the Top 10, you should see who I am up against...I am really nervous!! Thanks for your help!

Click here to check out the gallery and cast your vote!

Now for my new and exciting: My bestest Canadian friend Carrie ( Artistic Avenger) and I have a new kind of challenge for you! I CAN'T wait...on August 13th we are starting a new challenge blog called 3D Design Challenge here are the deets:
  • Week 1 - Wednesday: 3D Design Challenge posted with great samples as well as a downloadable template. You are encouraged to participate and link back to your photos of your projects.
  • Week 2 - Wednesday: 3D Design Challenge participants will be linked from 3D Design Challenge and we will spotlight someone's great project.
  • Week 3 - Wednesday: 3D Spotlight Challenge posted. A Spotlight Challenge happens when a company or person gives us a heads up on a great project to be spotlighted on our blog. We will link to that person/company's website, give them props and encourage you all to participate in making your own variation of their project.
  • Week 4 - Wednesday: 3D Spotlight Challenge participants will be linked from 3D Design Challenge and again, we will spotlight someone's interpretation of the challenge.
So now what? Can't wait for us to get started? Here is what you can do to help:

  • Send us your challenge ideas with links to your blog or online gallery.
  • If you are a company who would like to be spotlighted - please contact Carrie or myself and we will be happy to accept your kind donations in return for amazing advertising and promotion via 3D Design Challenge.
This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!! Yippee!! Go check out Carrie's blog to see some of the links she has posted with cool 3D projects she has made.
Since Carrie and I are starting 3D Design Challenge blog I am very sad to say that I will not be able to be a part of the 2 Sketches 4 You design team. Kazan and Laura thought that in the best interest of both sites that I bow out. I will continue to see all of you over there for their fabulous weekly challenges, but as a participant.

Thanks again for your comments and support!! You guys ROCK!
Big hugs!!


Daniela said...

What a beautiful card, I love the sun ! Good luck. Looking forward to the new challenge.

catdidit said...

Another wonderful card Pam for the Idol contest, good luck to you!

New blog sounds fun!

Jenniwren32 said...

What exciting news Pam, the 3D Design blog sounds super exciting! I'm an altering nut so I'll be checking you guys out!!!

Good luck with PC's this week, I just voted for you!!!:)


Kristie said...

I just voted for you too. Your card is absolutely stunning! I actually checked them all out very carefully and voted for you, before I even came over here, because your's was definitely the BEST....U ROCK!

Oh and the new blog sounds awesome! I can't wait for it all to start :)

Pearl said...

Wow ! that's super news Pam ! I love the idea of 3D projects ! Definitely not enough that I'm aware of ! & Good Luck on the PC Gallery Idol contest this week !

Allison said...

This is of the best I have seen as of late!

The Wuthrich Family said...

Super job've got my vote...good luck...fingers really crossed for you!

Dawn said...

I thought this was the best card of them all, you are so very talented! Congrats on the challenge blog, it should be a lot of fun :) Hugs, Dawn

Donna said...

I LOVE this! I just voted for you *smile* yours is the best!! sad to hear you stepped down from 2S4Y but I will still see ya participating! Exciting about the
3D challenge blog!

Alecia said...

I voted!!

Oh, and the new blog sounds WAY cool, can't wait to see what you girls have planned!!

Parker and Emma's Mom said...

Ditto what everyone is saying :-)

Jennifer H.

Julia Aston said...

I love your beautiful sun 3D card Pam - All the colors work together so well on this! and what a super quote!

your new challenges sound like fun - I'll be checking them out!