Sunday, July 20, 2008

This bag is awesome!!

Just wanted to share something exciting that happened to me a few weeks back. I received an email from Paula Kreigar the President of Daily Window Bags asking me if I would be a part of their online gallery. WOW what an honor! Daily Window Bags carries a line of handbags and handcrafted cards. Here are samples of my bag and cards that I made for the gallery. I LOVE my bag! The quality is amazing first of all and second it is lined in a nice apple green which is one of my favorite colors...bonus! In the front of all of their bags they have a large clear window pocket that you can put pictures in or any artwork of your choice. How cool is that! Another idea for you Stampin' UP! demonstrators or anyone who uses a small catalog for a mini catalog in this pocket to show off everywhere you go. For the gallery I decided to make a card for each season of the year, to the left is my "Spring" card. I have a link to Daily Window Bags blinkie on my side bar, so please use that as your link whenever you want to go there. I think I need one of the "Eight Days A Week" bags now. The lunch boxes & back packs would be really cool for my kids this school year. Here are the other 3 cards I made and displayed in my bag "The Very Neccesary Mini". Sorry about the quality of the pictures, it was hard not to get a glare on the window.
Thanks for looking!!
See you tomorrow with Paper Crafts "Gallery Idol" voting details..yippee!!





Laura Davis said...

You are on a roll girl:) I told you it would happen!

Dawn said...

Congrats again Pam! I knew you would make it if you just gave it time....can't wait to hear what else you will get into soon! These are all super great, might have to get one of those :)

Alecia said...

This is WAY cool and congrats!! What a fun bag!!!

Carrie Gaskin said...

This is awesome! You are one talented girl. Can I say "I knew her when...."

Jenniwren32 said...

These are such a cute idea! Congrats Pam!!!

stephanie said...

Wow, awesome!

1 Crafty Gal said...

UMMMM...I WANT ONE OF THOSE BAGS!!!! Those are gorgeous. Of course, your cards are gorgeous too!!!