Saturday, July 5, 2008

FCF "4th of July Gift Card Holder"

Here it is....sorry it is so late. I had to wait for my DH to finish editing it for me and it took him a longer then I had hoped. Then You Tube wasn't available. Not sure what that was about. Argh!! This FCF has a little trick to it, so watch the video and come back here to leave your comment and a chance to win a treat. For info on the tutorial and other stuffs about this type of pop up gift card holder click here.

For all of my fellow Americans I hope you had a great 4th of July holiday. I probably won't post again until Monday. I will then post the link to Paper Crafts Gallery Idol "round one". I have made a couple of cards and now the hard part, trying to decide. Wish I could have you all help me, but it has to be a secret...bummer! Again my username is "PASdreambig" over there at Paper Crafts.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend.


Laura Davis said...

Great gift card Pam! I love the 4th theme:)
Thanks for playing!

Dawn said...

There are quite a few things that you did after.....corner rounded, faux stitching along the side, dots along the top and all around the starts and you added more bling inside the blue stars. Not sure I missed anything else :)
Great card by the way, love that little trick on the inside as well to hold the gift card.

Cheryl said...

Ok, lovely gift card holder--you corner rounded the bottom left (as I look at it), you added faux stitching and also some paper piercing, and it looks like you added 2 little blue stars inside the larger blue stars. Also it looks like you did more sponging in the red along the edges. Hope that is all. Anyhow, thanks for the great video. Have a wonderful day and congrats on being chosen. I will vote.
Cheryl Sims

Eveline said...

Hi Pam, great card.
You added some faux stitching, some paper piercing, you rounded the bottom left corner en top right corner, and you added stickles to the flourish. I think that's it.
Like the fingernails too.

catdidit said...

Gorgeous 4th card! Love it as usual!

ok, lets see, faux stitching on rt. edge, red dots around blue stars, faux stitching in blue around red star, little silver stars in middle of blue ones, more sponging around edges, rounded the 2 corners, and the flourish is all sparkly. You added all that afterwards, is that the trick? LOL!

(love the red, white blue, nails too!)

Anonymous said...

Great card!I will look for your card on the Paper Crafts site on Monday - congrats!

It looks to me like you added faux stitching and some star-shaped brads in the middle of the big stars. In addition, it seems there is more red sponging and some rounded corners that weren't done in the video.

Lea L. said...

Very pretty card Pam!! Loving the patriotic theme!! Great job with the sketch!


Lesli said...

Wonderful Card - Thanks for sharing it with us!

CarolG said...

Great card! You added faux stitching down the right side and around the red star. Dots across the top and around the blue stars. Added small stars inside the larger blue stars. Rounded 2 corners, inked the edges adn added sparkle to the flourish.
Have a great week and good luck with the voting.

Dawn said...

Whoops! Just noticed that you also sponged the other sides with red ink too!!!
Hope you are having a great weekend, can't wait to see your card tomorrow!!!

Evelyn said...

Ok here goes: faux stitching on right side of card and around red star, dots on top edge and around both blue stars, rouded bottom left corner, sponged all edges plus small stars in center of both blue stars (could be brads hard to tell). I never thought of using my cuddlebug plate on my big stamps good idea. Nice card.

Beckabear3213 said...

I love this gift card holder. I have a ton of punches but my star punches seem to be left in the bottom of the drawer. I think you added some corner rounding, red inking around the edges, faux stitching, and little blue stars inside your big blue stars. Thanks for another great tutorial. I loved that song by the way!

The Wuthrich Family said...

Great card Pam...your friday flicks are so fun! Can't wait to see your card tomorrow...sending good luck vibes your way!

chloe said...


Elena said...

Great card Pam! Wonderful tutorial! Here are some things that you didn't record - corner rounder, faux stitching, sponging along the edges of the card, paper piercing, tiny stars inside the big ones (stickles).
Thank you again for your card!
Congratulations on being chosen!


ccriscat said...

faux stitching around the red ink..bling in the middle of the little stars..more red ink around the entire card..
chri rauth
very festive 4th card

Linda said...

You added the faux stitching (great touch), star brads inside the blue star and you also rounded the corners.

Debbie said...

Love your card Pam!!! Good luck to you in the Idol contest!! I'll be pulling for you!!!

Tricia6653 said...

I saw stitches added, rounded corners, little dots added paper piercing maybe, extra stars inside the stars, glitter to the swirly designs, extra red to edges. I loved the card.