Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Things that annoy me...

Things that annoy me...
because I have nothing else right now to post.

1. Spring allergies
2. Flies...I absolutely go insane when a fly is buzzing around me. The sound of them makes my skin crawl
3. Mushrooms...absolutely can't stand them, the smell the taste, the texture... blah!
4. Mean People...well they just suck!
5. Waiting...for anything really...I am not a patient person
6. Being a sucker..which I am a lot of the time
7. Being cold...although I don't like to be really hot either...
8. Being a clutter bug. I am a organized neat freak trapped in a clutter bug body
9. Jello that is rubbery...gross
10. People who don't forgive and forget...everyone makes mistakes, myself included

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