Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hooked on 3D

My friend Carrie and I have started a 3D challenge blog, maybe you have heard of it...3D Design Challenge. LOL! We wanted to do something together, a challenge blog that was different from the rest. There might just be another blog out there like ours, but for the two of us this is new and very exciting! The response so far has been fabulous and we are so happy! Now I have a problem...I think I am hooked on our challenge. All day I have been thinking about different ways I can decorate or alter this cute little box. I should be designing my 2nd card for my stamp camp which is Friday night, but this is what I did instead. Sorry my stamp campers you may have to make one of these instead of a card....maybe???
If you have a chance and want to make a 2468 box come on over to 3D Design Challenge and play with us this week. You have until next Tuesday, August 19th 9PM MST to complete your box and post a link in order to have a chance at a prize. If you aren't worried about the prize then post your creation's link anytime and we will add it to our gallery list. Come play with us!

I just had to share this second picture. My boys, who are 9 & 11
years old were so stinkin' excited when I showed them that Daily Window Products carries these black backpacks with the clear pocket on the front. This is the same company that asked me to design a few cards for their gallery, which you can read about here. Anyway, I decided it would be a cool back to school thing for them to create their own designer back packs and this is what they did. My DH even got involved and helped them print out this symbol which is from a computer game they are playing. After they printed their symbol out they decided to stamp some skulls and stars and of course the words "rock star" around the edges. They were both so proud of the work that they had done I had to get a picture. I am very proud of them too, for creating something that is special to them and for not just picking something that the "in crowd" is wearing. They are unique and I love them for showing that off! Check out my link over on the right side of my blog for Daily Window Products and check out the cool bags they have. We LOVE ours!!!

Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow for lots of my Friday Card Flick, its all kinds of Gina K goodness!!!

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Carrie Gaskin said...

This is great Pam! I've had them on the brain too...okay, back into the craft room!