Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thanks Karie & Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge

I was feeling a little down yesterday, but when I got home there was a package in my mail box for me. I rarely get goodies in the mail, so this was really exciting for me! I had won Karie's 1 Crafty Gal blog candy for her February 14 challenge and this is what was in it. Karie had emailed me and said "oh its nothing big", but hello... this is a lot of stuff! Karie also made a card for me using a Bella stamp, which I have none of...shame shame on me. Look at how cute this is. I really like the little bling she added to the Cheerleaders belly...cute! (hard to see in this picture..sorry) Thank you so much Karie, you really brightened my day! I can't wait to play with all of these yummies!!! :)

Next here is my card entry to Beate's weekend sketch challenge #42. I had been planning this card out all day in my head, so when I got home I was able to get it together. Well not really, it still took me about two hours to figure out where I wanted everything. What I like most about this card is my palm tree, yup I drew the back ground for this little penguin. When I was in Jr. High I must have drawn five million palm trees while doodling in school. Hey, neon colors palm trees, the whole Miami Vice thing...remember that. So I thought on this card I should show off my m
ad palm tree skills, yes I am killing myself right now. I am such a doofus! Who said it was fun to be "normal", right? LOL!
One more quick note, Al has been helping me (well he has really been doing it all) get set up t
o do mini movies to put on my blog. I have wanted to do this FOREVER, but our camcorder wouldn't sink up with my MacBook until now. Al was able to get all the upgrades and fancy computer stuff (I am totally computer illiterate) and finally make some more room on my laptop to make this possible. SO, I will hopefully have time to play with this today and you might get to see one shortly. If all goes well then I will be posting a movie every Friday, my "Friday Fun Flick". My flick will not be a tutorial, just a birds eye view of how I put a project together. I am extremely excited!! If you are still having problems leaving me a comment, you can email me here Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Today is Melanie's birthday, stop by and send her a wish! HAPPY B'DAY MELANIE!!! Hugs!


Dawn said...

Very cute card! I love the palm tree, who knew you had that skill too?! j/k!!!! I am so jealous of all the goodies you got, have fun playing with them!

Laura Davis said...

Super cute Pam! Your palm tree is perfect!!! Your goodies look fab:)

Lea L. said...

Those are really cute cards! Great job!!