Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inspiration Challenge #2

Here it is! My version of our Inspiration Challenge #2. Did you check out Carrie's card? She did an awesome job and had a completely different take on Gran'Pa frog then I did. Carrie went for all of the great lines on the frog. I on the other hand really liked all the bright colors and different patterns. I wanted to duplicate the bright white flower as well, so I used a felt flower with a big orange brad in the center. While I like this card it isn't really what I had in mind when I was creating it. I originally used the cake for "Eat Cake" as the center piece of my card and then changed it to this frog in the end. The frog was something I made using Stampin' UP!'s small oval punch, 1 3/8" circle punch and 1 1/4" circle punch (both circles were cut in half for the body). This challenge was a good one, because I really had a hard time with it. Maybe, because it has so many options or maybe because I just don't know how to put funky onto paper LOL! Thank you Carrie for the wonderful photo to inspire us both, this was truly a challenge!!
I will post the winner of my blog candy tomorrow morning, so you all have a chance to post tonight yet. You still have until midnight, so get cracking!!LOL! Thank you to those of you who have posted already. Special note to Laura... hope you find your head soon (running around like a chicken) and life slows down for ya! Hugs!!
See ya tomorrow.


LaĆ­s Dias said...

I was visiting the blog, and I love the cards! But not understand nothing of English ...
Still wanted to say, the cards are beautiful, even, and I say that I think your wonderful work!
A kiss of Brazil!

Dawn said...

Your card is SO much better than mine, of course Carrie's is as well. Oh well, there is always next time to get it together and put out something much better!!!!


Laura Davis said...

So cute Pam! Love those googly eyes!

Carrie Gaskin said...

Great job, Pam. So funny how are takes are so different! I'm totally looking forward to see what you come up with next month.