Friday, March 21, 2008

She went and did it herself...

So never tell your three year old to get ready for a hair cut. I am a cosmetologist and so I give my family their haircuts. I made the mistake of telling Aly to get ready for her haircut. She said OK and ran off. Two minutes later she comes downstairs and says I got my hair cut Mommy. Oh my heart sank! I ran over to her and the pile of hair trailing her down the steps. Yup a pile in my bathroom and down the hall way. Aly had found my scissors in my bathroom and chopped at her bangs, right on the top of her head and somehow managed to get the back of her head as well. Thank goodness she didn't hurt herself with those sharp scissors. SO... this first picture is a before the hair cut and this next one is the after. I did my best to camouflage the damage. It is hard to tell, but the length of her hair is now is just at her chin. A cute little bob with some nice 1950's bangs. We had a little chat and she now knows that only Mommy cuts hair and not Aly. This picture makes me laugh, because she so did not want her picture taken and of course she didn't have a very good nap which didn't help. What a grouchy face. LOL the drama!!
Have a great Easter weekend and thanks so for stopping bye.


Laura Davis said...

OMGosh!!! She still is as cute as can be:)

Dawn said...

What a great story and thanks for the pics to go along with it! She looks adorable just like I thought she would when you told me the story!