Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stand back...I have cards...

You won't even believe it, well I can't even believe it... I made three cards yesterday! YIKES, I know seriously..right. Well I didn't design them, I went to my friend Dawn's house for a mini (personal) stamp camp and she had these cards ready for me to put together. Dawn did say that she saw these cards elsewhere, but they were CASE'd with love!

It was SO nice to sit and just play in the little time that I did have. I got to try out some of the new SU clear stamps, which are AWESOME! Love how well the images stamp and how clear they are. FABULOUS!!

As for my studio, well....its a work in progress...didn't have one second to finish up what I started Saturday, but it has improved. I ended up getting another 4 orders last night, so I will be working on those today. Maybe I just need a sign that says "Excuse My Mess"??!! OH well, it will eventually get there and I will have pictures to prove it!

Thanks for your comments yesterday they were much appreciated and I am glad I tickled your funny bone.


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