Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Help I have been swallowed by my studio

I didn't forget ya, I am currently trapped in the mess that is my studio. Actually these are my before photos that I took Saturday morning. I am cleaning out the clutter and have about 5 large boxes of paper, ribbon, and many embellishments. This is what happens when you create and create and don't clean up after yourself...LOL. Seriously, I am a organized person trapped inside the body of a messy person's body. Can you imagine the struggle I have with myself! So, I have decided to let me inner organized person shine through and hopefully will have this place back into shape soon!

Since I have SO much stuff to get rid of now Jen and I are going to have a Party Starters Open House this month as well as craft sale. If you are in the Denver area, leave me a comment and I will get you an invite!
I have been cleaning and working on orders since Saturday morning so I don't have a Citrus photo to share, but maybe you can find something Citrusy colored in my mess. LOL! I will for sure share a project tomorrow though.



mustangkayla said...

You crack me up! I sure wish I lived closer. I'v been thinking about running away lately....maybe your open house would be a good time! :0) J/k!

Scoobie said...

This post made me feel a lot better, as I thought my scrap place was messy *lol*