Tuesday, September 30, 2008


..again I am so honored to have been asked by Ericka to be a part of her design team for the "Soulology Project". Today she is sharing my bio on her blog and it is always so odd to read what people think of me. I am sitting here reading all the lovely comments she has written about me and my work and I am almost embarrassed. I mean how does someone like Ericka...who is SO talented think that my stuff is worthy? I guess I am my hardest critic. It is so much easier to believe the negative instead of the positive. Pretty sad huh, but it is so true. I have never been a person to say "hey check me out, I SO rock!" Well OK...I do say that, but only sarcastically. LOL!
I am SO excited about the Soulology Project and if I wasn't apart of the design team I would definitely pay to take this class. Seriously each chapter in the workbook is fantastic and really makes you want to scrap! I can't wait to get started!! There are still spaces left, so go on over to Stampin' Mama's blog and find out more about this wonderful online course. When you sign up for the class remember to say that "Pam sent you" in the comment section.

Oh and I WILL have an actual project up for you tomorrow...promise!


catdidit said...

Congrats to you Pam! How awesome! I havent seen the scrapbooking side of you, but the one I saw on Erika's blog...WOWZA lady! Thats awesome! I agree with everything Erika said about you, she got you done perfect!

1 Crafty Gal said...

Congrats girly!!! How awesome for you!!!!