Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I apologize for my lack of posting anything here as of late. Right now I am engrossed in helping figure out a way to keep my kids school open. Most school districts are struggling budget wise and the economy isn't helping. All of my efforts right now are to figure out ways to keep the school that I went to as a kid and the school that my 3 three kids are and will be going to open. On top of that as you know Jen and I have started a company, Party Starters and are doing our best to get our name out there. With all of this I have had no time to play and create anything for myself. Hopefully I will be able to get my stamps inked up and create something to share with all of you here.

Please keep checking in, I promise I will be back!


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Our school district went through the same thing and closed 2 schools.. Very sad.. They turned the neighborhood schools into like grades - 1-3 in one, 4-5 in another and moved K to the high school in it's own wing... my kids went to a very rural school - 80 kids max and we moved them to a charter school.

It's very emotional - especially for the families like yours who have generations that attended the same school and invested lots of money and effort for improvements...

Hang in there...

1 Crafty Gal said...

Good luck with your school district Pam!

Party Starters is AWESOME!!! Send me some cards and I will be more than happy to pass them around and put them on bulletin boards around here. I linked it on my blog...but no one ever goes to my piddly blog. ROFL!!