Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quick Holiday Treats Apron Kit Tutorial

Just a quick post to give you some easy directions on how to assemble your Apron pages if you purchase the CC&M Holiday Treats Apron Kit.

In case you missed our blog hop yesterday please check out the link HERE. We had such a incredible amount of talent, 24 talented designers from all over the blogosphere, that created this album. Tons of eye candy, inspiration and hello...tons of recipes! After all this was Creative Cuts and More's MEGA Recipe Blog Hop. Please, if you have time check it out.
In your Holiday Treats Apron Kit you will receive red and green cardstock aprons, Doodlebug pattern paper cut to fit onto your red and green aprons as well as chipboard apron pieces. (plus a ton of embellishing goodies and extra paper!)

Step 1
: Attach one of your pattern apron pieces onto either a green or red apron. (I used Killer Red Tacky Tape in the 1/8" width)

Step 2
: Fold your apron pocket up onto the pattern covered side. Either wrap the side tabs around to the back of the apron or simply fold them under and attach the the pattern paper side. (I wrapped mine all the way around and adhered with Killer Red Tacky Tape)

Step 3: Once you have completely all aprons, sandwich a chipboard apron in between two cardstock aprons. (again I used Killer Red tape, it holds the best and once its stuck...its suck!)

Note: I punched holes in the side of my aprons to put rings in. If you do this you must punch each cardstock aprons (pocket folded up and attached) before you sandwich all of your pieces together!

Hope this helps and I hope you all run over to Creative Cuts and More to pick up both the "Holiday Treats Apron Kit" AND the "Treasured Family Recipe Kit". You have until this Saturday, November 14th to use the online coupon code: recipebloghop2009 during checkout to receive 20% off! Hurry these kits won't last long!

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